Becoming an agent to Goodmus Learning Centre grants you the right and privileges of benefiting from the contractual agreement that are involved in our study abroad services, tourism and estate management.

Your role is that you ensure you bring students to register through you in on going 90% off tuition scholarship to study in Turkey. You are to create awareness of this scholarship scheme both online and offline to interested and prospective students. Advertising this study abroad opportunity in Turkey and other countries like Canada, U.K., Australia, U.S.A gives you an edge and a pedestal in being an agent as more students will apply through you.

Becoming an agent also entails that you will be involved in directing people to register for our Tourism services. You are also to create awareness of our tourism services to people who want to travel abroad on tourism.

Benefits Of Becoming An Agent

The benefits encased in becoming an agent include:

  1. You get 10% of the money paid by each student who registers to study abroad through you.
  2. You get 5% of the money paid by the person who registers for tourism through you.
  3. You join us to travel abroad for tourism if your brought up up twenty (20) persons to register for tourism.

Please fill the form below to register as an agent:

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