We are glad to have you here. Studying in Turkey is affordable for African students and we have equally made the process affordable and easy for African students to have access to study in Turkey by breaking down the admission cost structure into various stages.

The payments are in stages and you need to pay for stage one before you can write the YOS exam.

After you get your admission, then you can pay for stage two and so on…

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The prospective students can make their payments in installments and complete the payment before they travel to Turkey for their studies.

Please note: The admission Cost Structure is the same for all the Universities That we process students admissions for in Turkey.

Complete Procedures for YOS Application

1. Payment (N140, 000/$388)

2. Filling the Application form (choosing 5 courses: 3 Undergraduate courses, 2 Vocational courses)

3. Reading and signing the Contract Agreement

4. Submitting the duly filled application form, signed contract agreement and other documents in the Documents Checklist for registration

5. Registration will be done and Confirmation Photo Card will be sent

6. Applicants come to the Exam Venue with the Photo Card, International Passport, National ID Card or any other means of ID, Pencil, eraser and sharpener/blade.

7. Exam Result is released within 3-14 days.

8. Placement for admission starts

9. Admission is released

10. Part Payment of tuition or Language fee is made so as to get tuition receipt to apply for Visa

11. Visa application procedures

12. Visa Response

13. Ready to Fly

 NB: the necessary payments are to be made at different stages as stated in the Financial breakdown .

Please select your Country below to know the admission cost structure of your Country

Admission Cost Structure For Undergraduate Studies in Turkish Universities

Admission Cost Structure For Post Graduate Studies In Turkey Universities

Admission Cost Structure For Private Universities In Turkey

See the Documents You will need For Processing Your Admissions To Study In Turkey

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  1. Oladipupo Emmanuel Tope

    I will love to study in one of Turkey’s government own universities

    1. goodmus

      Start your registration now in any off our branches? visit the contact-us page and locate our office nearest to you.

  2. dauda kayode

    I will love to study in of turkey’s government own universities

    1. goodmus

      You should start your registration now

  3. Awelewa

    I don’t know how I could get your closets branch

    1. goodmus

      Please check our contact-us page, in the site you will see all our addresses

  4. Tomiwa

    I want to study in Turkey university
    How much is the registration fee

    1. goodmus

      Start your registration now in any off our branches? visit the contact-us page and locate our office nearest to you.

    2. goodmus

      The first stage payment is the registration fee which is N140, 000 visit http://www.goodmus.org/admission-cost-structure

  5. Solomon

    Can someone thats is about to taking his SSCE EXAM register?

    1. goodmus

      Yes you can register

  6. Gardahyee Henry Sobeor Jr

    Is this a scholarship?

  7. Reagan SB Falaba

    I am interested in the 90% study scholarship in Turkey.

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