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Sequel to the exorbitant amount of money involved in studying abroad, especially in places like

Canada, UK, US and the likes, except on sponsorship, the Nigerian government went into a

bilateral agreement on education as a give back to the society of over a hundred and seventy

million people (170million).  The Nigerian government signed a bilateral agreement on

international education on 90% scholarship to study in over 70 Public Universities in Turkey on

behalf of Nigerians who are interested in studying in Turkey and GOODMUS LEARNING CENTRE

is the only licensed agency from Turkey to recruit students to service this offer.



Based on the 90% scholarship, the tuition range is between two hundred euros and one

thousand, one hundred and forty-three euros (2OOEuros to 1,143Euros) for one academic

a session, Medical courses inclusive.  This subsidized tuition is for programs ranging from

Vocational Studies to Undergraduate Studies and to Masters (but Masters Applicants must be

Nigerians who are already in Turkey, not the ones applying from Nigeria).



After the signature of the agreement, the Turkish government gave GOODMUS LEARNING

CENTRE the contract as their Agency representative in Nigeria to recruit students for them in

over seventy Public Universities in Turkey. In other words, it is only Goodmus Learning Centre

that is licensed to recruit students for them on the 90% scholarship to study in Turkey. On this

project, Goodmus Learning Centre is already in partnership with a series of agencies both public

and private, including the Lagos State Government.



The 90% scholarship tuition ranges from 200Euros to 1,143Euros depending on the course.

Medicine is the only course on the high side; which is 1,143Euros (about N457, 200) for a whole

academic session. It then means anyone who is not putting in for Medicine will not pay

anything close to that of Medicine.



The scholarship covers these three programs:

1. Undergraduate (4-6 years) ------- Tuition: 200Euros to 1,143Euros

2. Vocational Studies (2 years) ------ Tuition: 286Euros

3. Masters (2 years) -------------------- Tuition: 388Euros



NB: The Masters' offer is for Nigerians that are already in Turkey; not the ones in Nigeria

applying from Nigeria. Masters applicants from Nigeria can apply for Masters Admission to

Turkey but it will not be on the 90% scholarship.

Over thirty (30) Nigerian students benefited from this offer last year, who are already in Turkey

now. The admission for 2018 is already ongoing and the qualification examination for admission


is coming up MAY 19. We brought the Turkish representatives into Nigeria last year to conduct

the exam and they will be coming to conduct it again this year come MAY 19. Please note that

the exam is not what determines whether they get the scholarship or not. Every registrant is

already qualified to get the scholarship. The UUYOS exam coordinated by Uludag University,

Bursa, Turkey, which its result is valid for two years (unlike our UTME which is only valid for a

year), is to qualify them for a University admission.



We consider this a great opportunity for our students to become empowered with sound and

quality international education which will in turn, be a plus to our development as a nation and

we, therefore, write you to extend hands of help towards Nigerian students by sponsoring one

thousand (1,000) students to study in Turkey on the 90% scholarship already available.

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