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UUYOS, coordinated by Uludag University, is the simple entrance exam for admission to over

seventy public Universities in Turkey. Its equivalent in Nigeria is the UTME which is valid for 1

year but UUYOS is valid for 2 years. It is a 120-minute exam of 80 objective questions in Maths,

English Language and General Knowledge where intelligence and time management are

assessed. It is an entrance exam for Undergraduate and Vocational admission to the Turkish

Government Universities. For a link to the Universities that accept UUYOS, visit:




Undergraduate (4 years) ------- 50/80

Undergraduate (6 years Medicine) ----- 70/80

Vocational Studies (2 years) -------------- 30/80


NB: We help our students in their applications to selectively pick courses so that no one goes

without an admission; at least, a Vocational Course. We also give tutorials on UUYOS for 1

month for N50, 000 plus materials. Material alone costs N15, 000 flat in case of busy applicants

who cannot take tutorials.




Since Turkey is not an English-speaking country, the students are to take a preliminary course

on the Turkish Language before their choice courses. The advantages of taking Turkish and

understanding is cannot be over-emphasized. Once an international student can speak Turkish,

he/she will be able to enjoy the privileges of a Turkish citizen. Language is cultural; once you

understand a language, you have understood the people, their customs, traditions, history and




1. Turkey is a Muslim-dominated country; is there no religious discrimination in Turkey?

How safe is it for Christians to be in Turkey? Turkey is neither European nor Asian.

Turkey’s formal capital was in Istanbul and Istanbul is in Europe but the capital was

later moved to Ankara (still the current capital) which is located in between Europe and

Asia. So, Turkey is in between Europe and Asia and people easily troop in from the two

continents which means Turkey is a free state where you can practice whatever religion

you so wish to practice. Follow this link and watch this video by Nigerian students in

Uludag University in Turkey:


2. What about security issue in Turkey? Is Turkey a peaceful Country? YES! Refer to the link



3. Are students allowed to work while they school? YES! There are lots of (Textile)

industries in Turkey and job offers abound. One of our students who left resumed

September 2017 in one month got a job worth 800Euros (N320, 000).


4. Will I be allowed to stay back in Turkey after my study? YES, if you want to.


5. What happens if I do not pass UUYOS? We will process a school that does wave UUYOS

but at little extra cost.


6. Does my UUYOS result determine who gets the scholarship? NO! UUYOS is for

University admission; not to determine who gets the scholarship.

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