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Experience The Beauty Of Turkey With Goodmus Learning Centre.

Experience The Beauty Of Turkey With Goodmus Learning Centre.

Beauty rules the world! A trip to a beautiful place opens us to witness a variety of unforgettable experiences thus giving us the best of memories. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit the right country, at the right time and with delightful people?

Dr Tamara McClintock Greenberg, a clinical psychologist based in San-Francisco, says that the stress of work and daily demands can distract us from other meaningful and interesting activities. Traveling is good for our mental health and can ease away the stress we face daily.

Introducing Turkey.

Unique Beauty

The beauty of Turkey lies in the uniqueness of her culture which embodies a diverse set of both oriental and European elements — from the traditional Turkish tea to the majestic Hagia Sophia. with stunning natural beauty and an array of well-preserved architecture, Turkey is an extraordinary country to visit. There's plenty to satisfy adventure-seekers too, with hot air balloon rides in Göreme and scuba diving trips in Kaş on offer and Turkey as its official language but has three most common language. Kurmanji, also known as Northern Kurdish, Arabic and Zazaki. It is this beauty that Turkey possesses that has moved Goodmus Learning Centre to introduce this destination to you.

A Last Minute Decision to Visit the The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, also known by its official name, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

Turkey has terrific safaris, cultural sites and beautiful beaches which make a trip to the country full of exciting adventure and leisure activities to keep you thrilled and busy during your stay. It is a tourist destination suitable for adults and children of all ages. Tourists can now enjoy activities such as hot air baloon ride, quad biking on Atlantis sand dunes, Table Mountain, skydiving and scuba diving.

Cultural Experiences

Many tourists love to visit Turkey because of their cultural sites, and their amazing tradition, Adaklık Kurban (Devotional Sacrifice) At the end of Ramadan it's traditional to sacrifice an animal and donate the meat to the poor. The adaklık kurban has become very popular in Turkey, and sacrifices can be made at other times as well, if for example, you want your daughter to get married or get a good job, 

The common greeting among friends and family is generally to give one or two kisses to the other person's cheek. It is polite to give a slight bow or nod to someone of authority (older or superior) as you greet them. Women may only give a physical greeting to other women (i.e. with a handshake or kiss).


For something more relaxing, wine tasting at wine farms is recommended as Turkey has a history of producing iconic wines which dates back to 1659. Trying their local food is also exciting.

Also looking to go all the way and do something different, especially for lovers of rock music, then the Turkish club experience awaits you.

Why Goodmus Learning Centre?

Since 2010, Goodmus Learning Centre has curated several unique and culturally infused trips to many destinations across the world. These trips have been totally rewarding to clients seeking experiences covering the education, arts and cultures.

We invite you to be part of one or more of our carefully curated cultural trips (solo or as a group.) For a start, please visit any of our offices nationwide or follow us on our social media handles.